who are we :
About The company :

Naql company is one of the best transportation companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it provides furniture and luggage transport services with high professionalism, and also provides goods transport service by providing professional drivers, car transport service, and refrigerated transport, and our services extend to and from all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and you can Request by calling the company’s number, as customer service is available all the time to serve you.

transportation company Fleet:
There is a fleet of a transport vehicle of several types, such as:
  • Closed Denat to move furniture and luggage .
  • Transfer tanks, Transfer waneet , dena closed box, dena Without sides, dena Plain surface hydraulics, Hydraulic roof, Closed box ,flat top winch.
Transfer services

Normal surface, hydraulic surface, closed surface

Tanks, waneet, Dena, Trilla.

Denat equipped to transport luggage and furniture.

Cars equipped with the latest cooling and freezing devices.

Transfer features

all the time

Naql is at your service around the clock to meet all your needs.

Provide security

Naql works to reduce the delay and lack of professionalism in the services provided.

Buy peace of mind

Rest in your home and monitor your shipment until it arrives

Quality and price

It provides you with the transfer of many services at competitive prices to the market with better quality.

Price details

The customer can view the trip details and find out the initial cost of the service.

Payment facilities

Naql provides customers with cash, wallet or promotional coupons.

Wind your head

You can add the phone number of the shipment recipient, and we will contact him directly.

Transparency and clarity

Transfer allows you to easily read all the service provider information, vehicle type, and customer evaluation of its previous services.